Krisha Heights- Just Pay 5 Lakhs & nothing till LTC

Colors Krisha Heights

Colors Krisha Heights

When it comes to Colors Housing Society, it is a trusted team that offers Color Regalia that is in better partnership with DDA (Delhi Development Authority). Color Regalia have an excellent infrastructure planning that perfectly suits the dreams of individuals. The team highly focus on giving sound and healthy lifestyle. The good thing about this society is that it is a perfect blend of picturesque landscape boasting of medication areas and yoga. The project developers only use the highly advanced technologies to provide modern day amenities to the people. The township has about three hundred residential apartments of different sizes. Every residential unit is spacious with a study area and wide balconies.

The highlighted feature of our housing society is that Color Regalia comes under that Master Plan of Delhi 2021 of DDA. The Land Pooling Policy is one of the first and best moves by the government to provide an excellent development at the center of the country. Our team is providing people an excellent opportunity to become a wonderful part of our breakthrough by simply owning land. Many middle-class people face some financial challenges while buying a house due to the increased price. To avoid the difficulties, we come with an affordable housing society.

Our team is not alone in the campaign with Delhi Development Authority, because many other informative and caring societies are merging hands with our team to provide this kind of reform. The distribution of land affects our team in many ways. Hence, reading regarding the land distribution process through the land pooling and understand the benefits will bring you lots of good things. We are also initiating a change and ensure that our initiate reaches its better success. Our team always go with the corporate agenda of notifying land pooling families and aims to provide this essential change in remaining regions of India.

The Regalia is our excellent project that put its better efforts to provide a housing society that will bring a natural living place to the people. Our team needs a better support from everyone to notice that the land pooling successfully meets its expected fate and therefore help our team to begin a nationwide campaign.

Krisha Heights